Put Online Interactions to Work for You With Respage’s Information-Packed Social Media Reports

by | Oct 23, 2014

Sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter allow you to connect and communicate with your residents in real time, but, perhaps more importantly, social media interactions—coupled with online reviews—can help reveal crucial information pertaining to your business. Still, you likely don’t have time to read through countless online reviews and comments about your apartment community, which is why Respage’s thousands of clients count on our Social Media Activity and Sentiment reports to make sense of all the noise.

Presented in clickable pie charts that create a visual representation of virtual chatter, our reports are pulled from social media and apartment review sites and categorized by our professional monitoring team to ensure accuracy. For instance, a look at the past 90 days reveals that the majority of our clients’ social media interactions—35.3 percent—were posted by apartment community residents. But were those comments mostly positive or negative? That’s where our Sentiment report comes in. This pie chart reveals that over the past 90 days, most of the online commentary about our clients has been complimentary in nature. Next, apartment reviews and ratings represent nearly 11 percent of our clients’ total online mentions, a stat matched almost exactly by…spam!

Want to see exactly what comments fall into each category? Simply click on the appropriate section of the chart and the comments will appear below.

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