How to Get Your Content to Appear in Google’s ‘In-Depth Articles’ Feature


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Perform any basic web search on Google, and underneath your search results, you’ll be presented with a block of in-depth, long-form articles relating to your search query. Aptly named “In-Depth Articles,” this relatively new feature from Google was launched in August 2013, and it aims to unearth quality content from around the web, whether it be sourced from the New York Times or the personal blog of your neighbor down the street.

Since its unveiling, the In-Depth Articles feature has prompted the same question from webmasters across the globe: How do I get my content to appear in the In-Depth Articles feature, and, in turn, attract more traffic to my website? The answer is, in short, to provide high-quality, compelling content; however, incorporating the proper metadata into your website is equally as essential.

Want to learn more? The Google Webmaster help topic “Appearing in the ‘In-depth articles’ feature” provides four must-read tips for webmasters hoping to score a high ranking within the search engine’s algorithms—and maybe a turn in the In-Depth Articles spotlight.


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