Surprises from the 2013 Pew Social Media Survey


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Facebook is dead, Twitter is exploding, and Pinterest has a bright marketing future.

This was conventional wisdom in the second half of 2013, but according to Pew’s annual social media survey, it’s not true.

Facebook still dominates the pack, with more than triple the usage of its nearest competitor LinkedIn. More than 63% of users visit every day. Though younger users are discovering alternative platforms like Snapchat and Kik, Facebook wins all demographics.

Though Twitter is especially popular with newshounds, it’s not a cultural force. The site grew a “statistically insignificant” 2% over last year’s total, and though 46% of users tweet daily, 32% visit less than once a week.

Pinterest grew over 6% from last year — the largest growth in the survey. But users are almost exclusively affluent, educated suburban women under age 50. Does this make a Pinterest presence right for you?

Click here for Mediaite’s detailed summary of the report, and here for the full text.


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