Social Media Posting Ideas for Apartment Communities – PART III

by | Aug 8, 2013

This is our third installment of social media posting ideas for multifamily properties, and we’re here with another five ideas that you can incorporate into your online marketing strategy. Plus, after you read through these suggestions, check out Part I and Part II for more ideas.

  1. Amenity updates and announcements. Example: The pool opens Friday, June 2nd. Stop by the office to get your pool pass now. Or, visit for more info.
  2. Friendly reminders. Example: Rent's due! Just a reminder that your rent is due Tuesday, September 1st.
  3. Interesting links – local events, news, videos, or other pertinent or interesting information. Example: 5 Fun Philly Events for Summer
  4. Pet picture & spotlight (with resident’s written permission). Example: October’s Pet of the Month is Lacey, a 5 year-old Border Collie mix who lives with Joann and Steve Rinkle. Lacey loves playing fetch on Shawbrook Square’s green and getting her tummy rubbed. Her favorite treat is peanut butter.
  5. Employee spotlight. Example: Joe Tanner has been with Bedford Meeting for 12 years, and has worked his way up from handy-man to maintenance manager in that time. Joe says the best part of his job is interacting with residents and problem solving.

For even more social media posting ideas, check out Part I and Part II.