Facebook Redesigns Mobile Pages to Get a Piece of Yelp’s Traffic


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When you’re looking for reviews, business phone numbers, addresses, or hours, where do you go? Well, if you’re like many, you head over to sites like Yelp.com. Facebook, realizing this, is on a mission to capture some of Yelp’s and other similar sites’ traffic by redesigning their mobile Pages.

The new mobile Facebook Page layout prominently features details about local businesses, star ratings, and buttons to “Like,” Call, or Check-In at the top of the page. Keep in mind, this is a mobile-based redesign, and the web-based pages are not undergoing a similar makeover.

The redesign went live at the end of April for the latest version (6.0+) of Facebook for iOS, and will be available via Facebook’s Android app within the next few weeks.

This redesign is a logical step for Facebook, considering nearly half of Facebook’s business, organization, and public-figure Page visits come from mobile devices.

To see a side-by-side comparison of the old and new layouts, click here.


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