Facebook Moves Front and Center on Your Phone with Facebook Home


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Facebook Home is the latest offering from the social media platform, and it puts your Facebook News Feed, friends, and updates front and center on your Android phone.

From the minute you turn on your phone, you’ll see a constant feed of friends’ posts and photos right on your home screen. With this new offering, you’ll get moment by moment updates, as well as quick access to all your favorite Facebook features. Plus, you can even download Facebook Messenger, which enables you to chat with friends even while using other apps on your Android.

Here are just a few of the features Facebook Home offers:

  • Cover Feed – The moment you turn on your phone, you will see posts from your News Feed. This means that you’ll always know what your friends are up to. Plus, you can swipe through to see more posts and updates, double tap to “like” something, and also comment right from the cover feed on your phone’s home screen.
  • Chat Heads & Messenger – Plus, you can take it a step further, and install Messenger to send and receive texts and Facebook messages from one consolidated location. Using these features, you can move in and out of conversations while watch videos, use other apps, or browse the web.
  • Notifications – Also, all of your Facebook Notifications will appear on your home screen. Simply, tap to open them, or clear them to see your cover feed.
  • App Launcher – Run your favorite apps, and post to Facebook from the same spot on your phone. You get to select what’s included in your app launcher – just hold your finger on an app, and drag it to where you want it.

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