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Picture it: you’re waiting to cross the street. A stranger comes up to you. They ask you the time.

Is there a deeper meaning here? Why did the person approach you? Do they like your haircut? Do they think you look good in red, or that you need a new pair of shoes?

Maybe. But probably not. All they asked for is the time.

Reputation monitoring algorithms score every social media interaction as positive, negative, or neutral, but Respage knows that life is more complicated than that. Most comments aren’t praise or criticism; they’re transactions. People want things from you, and understanding what they want — and how they ask for it — is critical to your business.

That’s why we hand-score every social media comment against a list of 11 post types. Whether it’s praise, criticism, service requests, or a sales lead, Respage has you covered, and we’ll tell you how social media is working for you.

Respage brings you the most accurate picture of your online reputation and the most comprehensive social media analytics. That saves you time, and it keeps you in better touch with your residents.

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