BREAKING NEWS: Facebook Changes Admin Structure


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As of today, all Facebook administrators are not created equal.

If your apartment community maintains a Facebook page, this is a welcome development. Previously, all admins had the same powers; one admin could even remove another, which left pages open to hijacking by disgruntled employees. Now, Facebook has instituted a five-tiered admin structure, detailed in the chart below:

Powers are allocated according to responsibility, with only the ‘Manager’ controlling admin roles. Multiple employees can be placed in a category. Ideally, ‘Managers’ should be the owner, executive property manager, or marketing director — people who will be with you for the long haul. Your property management team is probably best suited to ‘Content Creator’ status, which gives them broad control over their pages while security is left to others.

Note that all current admins default to manager status. You can assign tiers through the ‘Admin Roles’ panel in the ‘Edit Page’ dashboard.


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