Facebook’s ‘Timeline’ Feature Comes to Business Pages


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Facebook’s Timeline feature is now available for business pages. The change is optional until March 30, when all pages will make the switch.

Timeline has been rolling out to personal profiles for several months. Where personal pages were “snapshots” of your activity and interests, Timelines are closer to scrapbooks of your entire life. They feature archives of your most important Facebook activity (based on likes and comments) since joining the site, sortable through a year-by-year interface that begins at birth.

It’s important to note that your Timeline is a “smart” feature—that is, it will mine Facebook for things you may have forgotten about. Where a personal user may want to delete school photos or old relationship statuses, businesses should watch for obsolete products, contact information, etc.

Timeline also gives your page a new look, including important changes to photos, default landing tabs, and apps. Click here for a full rundown of Timeline tools and what they might mean for you.

We’ve been investigating Timeline since it was announced, and we’ll soon be posting suggestions on how to enhance your converted page. Over the next few weeks, take time to study the rollout, and if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know.


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