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Connect With Your Community
Social Media Marketing for the Multifamily Industry
Property Managers - Get Respage for your community
Social Media Tips and Tricks for Multifamily
Benefit of Using Respage Social Media Services
Resident Retention Tool
Attract and Retain Residents
Our social media marketing solutions help property managers attract and retain residents. Our customers have seen measureable results including better search engine rankings and more resident referrals. Respage has also dramatically improved communication with residents.
Turnkey Social Media Marketing Plan
Respage is Scalable Social Media Marketing Help
We realize that one size does not fit all. All social media marketing features are optional, so if you're not ready for Facebook or don't think a blog is right for your apartment community, we can still help you leverage social media.
Ancillary Revenue
Reduce Time Spent on Social Media
Creating relevant content, posting to social media sites and monitoring and responding to social media mentions is time consuming. Respage helps you keep your onsite staff focused on what it does best: leasing apartments.
No Software to Learn
No Software to Learn
Our full-service offering includes a Facebook, Twitter and Blog posting service as well as content development. We can also maintain and monitor your social media sites. Property managers just email us updates and we take care of the rest.